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3D Artist and Collaborator
The Rubber Smith is a virtual apparel store for the Second Life community primarily targeting Latex, Leather, and PVC attire.

Each design is original and customizable to fit even the most meticulous individuals.

TRS is a community facing outfit created by Jaye and is always welcoming ideas and engagement!


The Dreamy Edge Main Store


Carnal Outlet


ED Outlet


The UNIHUD is a true universal HUD that encourages and promotes easy customization of multiple products through brand mutuality. The UNIHUD is entirely free to customers. Customers only need one attached copy of the UNIHUD. By simply clicking the SCAN button, they can switch to another product within seconds.
No detaching and attaching multiple HUDs.


Interoperability is the key - The UNIHUD provides all of the necessary user functionality to enable creative freedom, depending on the product, textures can be applied and removed, applied to selected surfaces, mixed up with new materials, with quick ease or precision with tools that provide additional simple conveniences such as full material presets, colour exporting, lighting synchronization support, and a built in re-delivery terminal.

Not only is product setup plain sailing with the shortest time to market setup, HUD support is taken off the creators hands leaving more time for productivity. Backwards compatibility guarantees older UNIHUD enabled products will always work.

Comissioning and Bespoke modeling services

The Rubber Smith is able work with you when specialist 3D modeling and designing is required. Whether signage, exclusive body items or collaborations with a fellow creator / store on rigging or model design, The Rubber Smith can accommodate you after discussions.

The Rubber Smith has a wide variety of tools including, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and 3D Coat. Training and Tutoring is also available for fellow creators.

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