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4. Setting up OXHEAD on your own HUD

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Although the UNIHUD brings together the best of all in one place, creators can still use their existing Texture HUDs along side the UNIHUD. Setting up your Texture HUD is a simple and quick process that brings results fast.

In the kit is a container box that holds the single OXHEAD script. Open it up and extract the script into your inventory.

Prepairing for OXHEAD

Each element on your Texture HUD will be needed to be named a certain (but simple) way. In most cases these elements are just treated as clickable buttons.

To define a clickable OXHEAD element on your HUD, it's name must begin with:


Anything proceeding after this definition indicates an activity or action that this element performs when clicked.

There are currently 3 activities an OXHEAD element can perform:




Apply an Albedo / Colour Group where its ID is in place of #


Apply a Material Group where its ID is in place of #


Set the visibility of selected surfaces where # is any decimal number between 0 and 1. The selected surfaces must be defined using surface specialization.

Activities can also be combined to change the product in a single click:


Here the element will switch the product to use Texture Group 4 and Material Group 0.

SURFACE SPecialization

By default if the element description does not contain any surface specialization, all surfaces in the product will change.

To only specify certain surfaces on your product you can set the elements description by starting with


Surfaces are specified by their ID starting at 0 and up to 15.


This example indicates that surfaces 0, 1 and 2 are only applied when the element is clicked.


For your OXHEAD enabled HUD to communicate with the product, you will need to supply the matching Party Key that would have been stored in your products SURFACE Notecard. Supplied in the kit will be a pre-made Party Key Script that you will need to copy the contents into a new script of your own called "PARTYKEY", in your HUD. Once the contents are in the new script, simply add your products Party Key in the clearly marked string variable, between the quotation marks. Remember to not include any spaces! Save the PARTYKEY script and then insert the OXHEAD script into your product as well.


OXHEAD will immediately start working when it has resolved all of your elements. What about Icons? OXHEAD has you covered! It automatically populates your clickable elements with the correct matching icons saving you a bit of extra time.

This in principle means that your HUD is now ready for customer use! If you have more than enough clickable elements, the unused elements are hidden. Reusing your HUD is also very easy. All you need to do is duplicate your HUD for your next product and replace the Party Key with the one that is required for your next product.

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